John Deere R4030 Sprayer

John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs front
John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs front
John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs side
John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs side
John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs extended
John Deere R4030 Sprayer Specs extended



Number of Cylinders


Fuel tank capacity

130 gal


415 cu in

Emission level

Final Tier 4

Peak rated power

280.3 hp


200 amp

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity

7.8 gal

Drive Train

Drive Train Type



Full-time four-wheel drive (4WD)



Hydraulic reservoir capacity

25.9 gal

Spray speed range

0 to 32.2 km/h 0 to 20 mph

Transport speed, maximum

30.1 mph


Boom length options

18.3/27.4, 18.3/30.5, or 22/36.5 m 60/90, 60/100, or 72/120 ft

Automatic boom height

BoomTrac Pro - 5 sensor (optional)

Plumbing material

Stainless steel (polyethylene optional)

Ground height adjustment

50 to 245 cm 19.6 to 96.5 in.

Breakaway width

Stainless-steel boom - 3.3 m 10.8 ft Carbon fiber boom - 3.7 m 12.1 ft

Boom sections

13 sections with boom length - 40 m 132 ft 11 sections with boom length - 36.58 m 120 ft 9 sections with boom length - 30.48 m 100 ft 7 sections with boom length - 27.43 m 90 ft

Solution System


800 gal

Tank material

Stainless steel or polyethylene

Rinse tank capacity

120 gal

Quick fill size

3 in

Automatic section control

John Deere Section Control (optional)

Solution system control

Automatic (optional) or manual

Fill location

Side fill, front fill (optional)

Chemical injection method

Dual-pump direct injection Optional - up to 511 L 135 U.S. gal.

Chemical eductor

Stainless steel (optional)

Chemical eductor capacity (size)

8.5 gal

Flow meter size

2.1 in

Suction strainer

20 mesh

Pressure strainer

50 mesh

Boom Strainer

80 mesh


Dry compatible

Yes - 5.7 m3 200 cu ft


Dual-strut independent wheel air-ride suspension

Crop clearance with standard tires

152 cm 60 in.

Front tires

320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46

Rear tires

320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46

Flotation tires

520/85R38 or 620/70R38 (field installed only)

Hydraulic tread adjust


Wheel tread spacing

305 to 406 cm 120 to 160 in.

Wheel base

169.3 in

Turning radius

28.6 ft in

Parking brakes

Spring-engaged, hydraulic-disengaged wet-disk pack

Ladder raise/lower


Total weight with 100-ft boom

30049.1 lb

Total weight with 120-ft boom

30622.3 lb

Total weight with carbon fiber boom

36.6-m (120-ft) boom - 12,684 kg 27,963 lb 40.2-m (132-ft) boom - 12,739 kg 28,084 lb

Primary brakes


Total weight with 90-ft boom

29872.7 lb